Bubbling! Artist Spotlight

Warsan Shire

Warsan Shire

 Have you ever stumbled upon a sound that you couldn’t stop reverberating in your brain?  Have you ever had to take a breath after listening to or discovering something so deep, it’s almost as if time stopped for that moment just so the worlds of the rhythmically structured sentences would collide with the ever-going dance of confusion and understanding in your head? 

This is my first experience with the work of Warsan Shire.  Whoever says Twitter is “good-for-nothing” has never gotten anything out of twitter because they have not engaged with it, such as I have.  After (probably) stalking K’Naan’s page a month or so ago, I followed the interactions of he and she.  Something was tweeted about him being a fan of hers… And I thought… “if K’Naan is a fan.. then maybe she’s worth exploring…”

Warsan Shire is a social commentator, writer, and spoken word artist from Somalia, who now resides in London.  She’s young, gifted, and talented with words in a way that leaves you awe-struck.  The stories she tells are vived, and heart-wrenching; grabbing you with every second, every thought. 

Her work is revolutionary in the way that she brings forth politics in her poetry; the way she describes living situations, language barriers, gender roles, etc.  “I really do feel like this is my way of creating some kind of change, whether it be within me or within others. When people do not have a voice, it can become an ugly thing. My writing is as close to freedom as I can actually get which is why I will say the things people shy away from,” she’s quoted as saying in the online newspaper, Africa News.

In the end, there’s nothing like experiencing it for yourself>> check it out>>>


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