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[L] Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover & [R] Jaheem Herrera11-year-olds [L] Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover and [R] Jaheem Herrera

The Effect of Gay Taunting...

This post is of serious matter. No matter how much I sing along to (not only hip hop) songs that have subtle instances of homophobia, I know in my mind body and soul that I disagree with these ideals of who a “real man” or “real woman” should be.  I find it troubling when I try to describe to another of  the issues that come along with these homophobic thoughts and mass teachings to society.  Even as a heterosexual, I can’t seem to find the intelligence in other heteros that tend to disagree or subconsciously allow themselves to ignore these issues; dehumanizing individuals in the same way that some of them (especially from within black communities) have struggled against for centuries.

This post is for a people that are hurt everyday by these tauntings, and whose issues are continuously lost in the media. [I watched the news for 30 minutes on the same day this news became national, 10 of which the minutes were mostly centered around the new, lovable dog of the White House, but none of which echoed a bit of these stories.]Well, let me tell you a story about two young boys, from different neighborhoods, cities, and states- who decided to DIE rather than to go another day being teased as “GAY!”

Over the span of one week, 11-year-olds Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover of Massachusetts and Jaheem Herrera of Georgia, both ended their lives by way of hanging themselves after enduring anti-gay bullying at their schools.

This is a sad story, not only because they were so young, but because this could have been avoided.  Not only is society to blame, but to be more direct, there should have been procedures layed out years ago once this first became a national issue- only problem is- the media hasn’t reported this as a national issue.

 In the past, there has been cases from 2007- such as the suicide of 17-year-old Eric Mohat and another from late 2008 by 18-year-old Lee Simpson.  With only these two being of common knowledge, I can only guess the rise that is ocurring due to the cause of suicide as result of gay-taunting.

Not only have the necessary questions been risen, but it seems that they have hardly been thought about.  Why, when a child and their parents complain about such issues, are there no clear-cut procedures to solve the problem?  I admit, “kids will be kids,” but kids are smart enough and sensitive enough to understand a threat, if it is so presented in this way.

Why is it, that in 2009, homosexuality is so demonized and deconstructed that not only is it portrayed as one of the biggest insults you can give to a child, but also so psychologically disturbing that it could lead these children to commit such acts, whether they may have truly been so or not?

These are the questions that we need to start asking ourselves.  So many times people speak about the fact that we all want equality… but how many people really do?  We’ve been dealing with these issues for far too long.  What can you do to change the world?

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