Bubble News

What’s this “hoobity-hoo-blah”

(as Eminem would say)

about Texas seceding?

Well, after a week of specualtion, I’ve come to find that it will only occur if “drastic changes” are not implemented.  Personally, I could give a shit less.  Everyone else is suffering like the next man- some more, some less- but it goes without saying that “we” (and I use that in reference to the non 1% of Americans who are financially running this country) “we” are all going through rough times.  So it’s simply idiotic and selfish! for Texas to talk about seceding as if it holds itself to a higher standard than the rest of us.  And let’s be honest- it mostly has to do with the fact that they are now governed by a BLACK MAN!  Because I didn’t see any tea parties going down when Bush was in office (pardon my french) fuk-n-shi-up! 

But of course I’d love to just pretend they’re not a major factor of our economy, because they are.  IF they did choose to secede and did so successfully, that would put is in a hell of a rut.  The United States is already acting irresponsibly immature about Immigration as it is, and the matters would not get better.  For those of us who actually care about the struggles that human beings- whether they are labeled as “aliens” or not- are dying each day to see a better future- Texas seceding will not alleviate, but infuriorate more of these concerns and so-called threats to our economy and safety.

Seriously, what good could come out of Texas claiming itself independent?  It will not make matters better for the citizens, and it will just cause more uproar than what is already ocurring as we watch our government and our country crumble. 

That’s What’s Bubbling In The News…

Any Comments Bubbling Up Inside Ya?

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